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Training designed to be customized to where you want it the most- your facility

Our TRAIN-Safe Scenario Series is a multi-case coordination of interactive scenarios that were developed to keep your training dollars easily accessible and close to home.  Used in conjunction with your facilities policies and procedures, our easy to use programs are designed to assist you in meeting your training objectives and facilitation requirements. 

Train-SAFE Scenarios

  • Training cases include: Isolation: Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Small pox Measles SARS Pandemic Flu Avian flu Meningitis Medical: Telemedicine (Wound Care) Diabetes (Medication admin) Community Paramedic Stroke Cardiac Safety: Bomb threat Active shooter Suicide awareness Competency: Heroin overdose, Diabetic reactions Severe allergic reactions (Epinephrine pen) Telemedicine Wound care Anaphylaxis plus many more.... Each comprehensive scenario includes: • Scenario Staging including scene set up, patient information and step-by-step moulage tutorials for creating realistic training scenarios. • Training documentation including learning objectives, standardized forms, target audience application and additional resources. • Scenario application specific to facility modifications and patient demographics including pediatric, geriatric, pregnancy and terminal patients. • Simulated patient chart documentation, forms and recommended resources. Train-Safe Series, assisting you in creating interactive training scenarios that are quick, cost effective and convincing. Please allow an additional 3-4 weeks for processing.
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