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MasterCast Trauma Sleeves simulate both upper and lower bodily injuries



Designed by Industry specialists, our MasterCast Trauma Sleeves combines a wide range of training realism perfect for mass casualty and multiple injury patient scenarios.

Quick, cost-effective and reusable, our high-fidelity Trauma Sleeves set the scene for training realism for your next training event. 

Innovative solutions meet theatrical realism.  Our high fidelity Trauma Sleeves consist of Hollywood quality silicone in a ‘rip resistant’ sleeves that can be adjusted to meet your training requirements including adult, pediatric, geriatric and obstetrics.  Simulate major injury and training options utilizing quick, affordable, and reusable casualty simulation Trauma Sleeves.

  • 12 SIMSLEEVES including
  • 4 Lower Arm Injuries; Open Fracture, Lacerations, Bruise and Major Arm Injury
  • 1 Upper Arm Injury
  • 1 Bullet Entry/Exit Wound
  • 3 Lower Leg Injuries; Open Fracture Tibia, Leg Laceration, Fractured Shin
  • 2 Open Fractures, light flesh, medium flesh  
  • 1 Multi-trauma Injury
  • All contained in a sturdy storage container 

MasterCast Trauma Sleeves are produced in a multi-standard skin tone with optional customization options. Medium Flesh, Dark Flesh, and Mannequin


MasterCast Trauma Sleeve Kit

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