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Simulated Blood products will enhance the quality and realism of your medical/trauma training scenario. Simulated blood available in various sizes and fluid viscosity, all blood products sets up appropriately to physical time-lines, creates a visceral feel to participants and may be combined with training odors for the olfactory sensation that rivals life experiences. Simulated blood products ensure your blood flows, gels and even dries to create realistic training scenarios. 

Fresh Blood: A bright red color with the same viscosity as real blood, "fresh" blood sets, gels and even dries to temperature modifications creating authentic training in the simulation suite or outdoor training scenarios.

Slow-Flo Blood: The deep red color and Slow-Flo drip, creates a fresh blood look that never dries or moves- perfect for those active bleed training scenarios when you want to simulate active bleeding without having to continuously replace the blood.

Invisible blood: A water-activated powder that when applied to skin/clothing is invisible- but magically appears with the application of water. Perfect for cause and effect training scenarios such as a knife fight, Invisible blood allows you to control when and how the blood will surface in your next training scenarios.

Active Bleed Set: Works much like invisible blood powder only in a more controlled application process. The two part system allows for exact placement of product in your cause and effect training scenarios such as a physical blow or knife fight.

Blood Glucose: Our newest product to our SIM-Safe line, our Glucose Blood tests high, normal and low on testing strips.


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