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This Deluxe Bleeding Wounds Skills Trainer Kit is designed to bring the realism of procedure training to the next level. This kit allows trainees to actually practice treating minor or major bleeding wounds on a training mannequin or human actor. A variety of wounds are included in the kit, including:

Glass (1/4 lb) (Silicone)
Shrapnel (1/4 lb) (Resin)
Nuts, Bolts, Screws (1/4 lb) (Resin)
Exit Wound (36)
Entrance Wound (36)
Basic Laceration (20)
Perforated Bowel (4)
Bleeding/Dynamic (24)
Compound Fracture/Dynamic (4)
Simulated Blood (6 x 4oz)
Thick Blood (6oz)
Silicone Adhesive for Human Actors (12 tubes)
Mannequin Adhesive (6 tubes)
Mixing Palettes (4)
Plastic Knife (4)
Syringe/Tubing for Dynamic Bleeding Wounds (6)

Sold per kit.

Bleeding Wound Skills Trainer

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