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Customized to your training needs: 

Moulage Concepts Active Shooter/Mass
Casualty (AS/MCI) Moulage & Training Kit
was developed to assist you in preparing for
an All Hazards Incident Response.
Including moulage specific to wound
identification and treatment, this multi-
training kit enables coordinated practice of
rapid assessment, airway management, and
hemorrhagic response- with focused training
realism and incident standardization.
Utilizing interactive wounds that are quick,
cost effective and most importantly, convincing,
we provide the visual and olfactory realism needed
for an effective Emergency Operations Exercise.

Customized to your training objectives:

Our Multi-Agency Response Kits maximize
training interaction and event preparedness.
Through ongoing refinement and evaluation
of operative performance, Multi-Agency
Response add-on Kits enable structured
NIMS coordination between Rescue Task
Force, Evacuation, Triage and multi-scene
Law Enforcement and EMS/Fire Response.

Active Shooter Multi Agency Response Kit

  • Patient demographics to include: Elderly Pediatric Pregnancy Active Shooter/MCI Main kit (Core) includes: Stage 1: Scene Safety: Safety vests Chem Sticks Stage 2: Training Scenario Bullet entry & exits wounds Burns Stab wounds Adhesive Bleedless Blood (Static,non-staining for indoor use) Mass Casualty Blood Wax Environmental Staging Powders MCI Disposable applicator Set Odors: - Gunpowder - Bomb - Burnt flesh Stage 3: Triage: Color coded tape Tourniquet Chest Seal Trainer Hemostats Pressure dressing Wound packing Gloves Masks Goggles Allergy bands Misc: Carry bag - - - #1 Kit add-on: Rescue Task Force Training guns Odors: - Bomb - Gunpowder Interactive ballistic response wound Carrying Case - - - #2 Kit add-on: (EMS/Civilian Response): Wound packing trainer Blood Wound packing supplies Tourniquets Hemostats Pressure dressing Case - - - #3 Kit add-on: (Triage/Emergency Management): Everything You Need For Triage/Decontamination The Triage Kit is used to triage, treat, and prepare patients for transport. It contains the materials needed to organize and identify the four different types of patients rapidly and easily. Triage Kit includes: Vests Treatment Tarps (50) Triage tags - A must for incidents involving industrial accidents, chemical or biological contamination. Waterproof and durable. May be decontaminated with patient. Common sense form set for accurate patient accountability. Triage lighting system Pens and Clipboards Large Gear Bag to hold it all Key Position Incident Command Vests #4 Kit add-on: MCI Disposable Applicator Kit Safety Standards & Regulations dictate proper sterilization/ application techniques -every time. Don't take chances with your program or your products. Disposable, multi- applicator kit assists you in meeting safety standards.
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