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1- Commitment to your Satisfaction

Moulage Concepts is committed to providing quality Moulage workshops, kits and training products to all of our customers. We endeavor to create training products that we are proud to stand behind and exceed our customers’ satisfaction. We are constantly seeking to improve manufacturing process to meet the continuous demand by our customers for higher and advanced moulage training solutions. Our commitment to deliver unparalleled moulage service- which our customers rightfully deserve, is our foremost goal.


2- Services that Meet or Exceed Expectation

We price our services to achieve competitive advantage, meet the objective of our customers, while meeting our commitments to our venders and suppliers. We always seek to be competitive while meeting the demands of a continuously expanding market. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your training endeavors while helping you maintain your training budget.     


3- Quick Shipping

We continuously strive to meet or exceed your scheduled delivery time. However, there may come a time wherein we have to delay shipment due to material unavailability or conditions beyond our control. In such an event, Moulage Concepts will promptly provide you with the reason of the delay and the new delivery date.  


4- We Stand With You in Critical Timelines

Your training is as important to us, as it is to you.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a need for a quick turn-around, we will do everything within our power to assist you in meeting your training goals.    


5- Non-Disclosure of Customers Information

Moulage Concepts is a SPAM free site.  We do not share, sell, or in anyway release customer data.  All data received from you shall be treated in the same care as we give our own proprietary information.  



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