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Creating training scenarios that look, feel, sound & smell like the real thing! 

Learn to use SIM-Safe make-up and industry secrets to create common medical conditions and odors.

July 31 - Aug 1, 2018

9:00AM – 5:00PM

Rose State College

Professional Training Center 

1720 Hudiburg Drive
Midwest OK 73110

Bobbie Jo Merica

Bobbie Merica is the owner of Moulage Concepts Inc., a medical-trauma moulage company and author of "Medical Moulage - How to Make Your Simulations Come Alive."  Upon discovering the absence of Moulage specific to a clinical/hospital setting, she designed and developed the first of a series of 3D clinical wounds that can be triaged, sutured, debrided and drained in addition to medical & trauma moulage kits, workshops and wound development specialized to the medical, pre-hospital, military, pandemic and veterinary simulation communities. 

The following interactive workshop is designed to enhance realism in simulation scenarios while providing best practice techniques.  This comprehensive hands-on, 16 hour course will be presented in a multi-learner approach including:

  • adaptive scenario staging and techniques

  • accessory moulage options

  • wound care, reuse and storage recommendations

  • time and money saving alternatives


Participants will:

  • Create soft tissue wounds and accessory moulage utilizing gels, silicone, latex, & waxes.

  • Learn to create life-like three-dimensional wounds that can be sutured, debrided, and triaged for a realistic training experience.


  • Learn to combine SIM-Safe makeup, odors and theatrical techniques to create common medical/trauma & MCI conditions for scenario staging.


  • Create basic, intermediate, advanced and accessory moulage training wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, surgical incisions, burns and pre-hospital trauma & medical conditions.

See what others have to say: 

Bobbie Merica has unparalleled moulage/simulation talent. She is incredibly personable, accommodating and able to "think out of the box." The most remarkable example of her abilities occurred when I brought my entire paramedic class to her center and she set up five concurrent simulations, tailored for EMS. The students found it the most valuable skills experience of the semester. Her feedback and evaluation tools were valuable to me as an instructor. Her moulage skills and ability to set up lifelike situations is second only to the real deal in the field.

Belinda Schafer RN/MICN
Paramedic Program Director
Butte Community College

Bobbie's course was amazing. I would recommend that anyone needing or wanting to learn the art of moulage, whether for live actor patients or high fidelity manikins, should go through one of Bobbie's programs, or better yet bring her to your facility to teach. This training covers all aspects of medical education, from mass casualty, to pre hospital trauma to combat trauma. All educators dealing with simulation based medical education can learn something from one of Bobbie's courses. Highly skilled in her field Bobbie's teaching approach is by far the best I've encountered and it was a true pleasure to spend the day in her course!


R. Vance Nesbitt Coordinator Simulations Lab Military Medical Training Center Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, Az.


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