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Identification is the first step to preparedness.  We believe Moulage should be quick, cost effective and most importantly, convincing. Our interactive TRAIN-Safe kits, odors and accessories provide realistic sensory cues that enhance our TRAIN-Safe Scenarios.  SIM-Safe/Soft barrier recommended.  Always test your products on "replaceable soft skin" for compatibility.  

Train-SAFE Kits

  • Training cases include: Isolation: Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Small pox Measles SARS Pandemic Flu Avian Flu Meningitis Medical: Telemedicine (Wound Care) Diabetes (Medication administration) Community Paramedic Stroke Cardiac Safety: Bomb threat Active shooter Earthquake Fire Competency: Diabetic reactions Severe allergic reactions (Epinephrine pen) Telemedicine Wound care Heroin overdose Anaphylaxis Customized plus many more.... Train-Safe Series making your simulated training scenarios engaging, relevant & cost effective.
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