Identification is the first step in training. 

Designed for the simulated veterinary scenario, the SIM-Safe Series features realistic, non-staining secretions, bodily fluids, three dimensional wounds and make-up that can be used for creating authentic training scenarios. With focus to detail, all SIM-Safe products visually and tactically replicate natural bodily processes to ensure your moulage meets your training needs. Large containers for multi-scenario options! SIM-Safe/Soft barrier recommended. Always test your products on "replaceable soft skin" for compatibility.

Veterinary Add-on Kit

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  • SIM-Safe Veterninary Add-on set includes:
    Fresh blood
    Clotted blood
    Coffee ground emesis
    10 make-up colors (Medical/acute)
    Secretion Set (clear, frothy-white, blood-tinged)
    Pus Set (green, yellow, amber)